Why You Stopped Making Progress, and How to Fix It!

It’s happened to the best of us, we are making crazy progress in our journey and then it all seems to come to a grinding halt. While to some degree it is avoidable, it isn’t easy to avoid. Everyone hits a stagnant point some time during their journey, and it can be discouraging.

Thankfully with the right research and mindset, it can be quite easy to dig yourself out and get back on track! Today I am going to be giving you 5 reasons why you’ve stopped making progress in your journey and how you can fix it. Stay tuned to get back on track!

1. Eating Too Much or Not Enough

Nutrients play a vital role in building muscle and sustaining your body, especially with exercise. If you are not eating enough your body has a hard time repairing itself and getting stronger. However, you also have to make sure that you’re eating nutrient dense foods as well. 3000+ calories of cookies and onion rings is not going to do much for your body compared to 2000 or 2500 calories of whole foods.

On the other hand eating too much can also hinder your progress, especially if your goal is weight loss. If you have been losing up until this point and you have stopped, then it may be time to cut back a little bit. Don’t be too extreme but a slight cutback in your intake, say 200 calories, or a slight reduction in carbs should be more than enough to get you back on track.

2. Not Enough Volume

Once you get past the status of a beginner, it may be time to up how much you train. While beginners need to ease into training with workouts 2-4 times a week, once you become more experienced you need to up the volume. If you were training 3 times a week before and you’ve stopped seeing progress then you should maybe up it to 4 or 5 times a week.

It is well documented that as our bodies become more adapted to exercise, we need to give them more to keep growing. Pro Athletes workout at least 6-7 times a week on a consistent basis. On the other hand, if you don’t have many free days, you can also add more reps or sets to your workout on the days that you can workout.

3. Intensity is Too Low

On the other side of the spectrum from volume we have intensity. If you cannot up your volume because of schedule restrictions, time restrictions, etc. Then it may be time to up the intensity. If you are someone who does not have much time, increasing the intensity a bit can be a great way to keep yourself challenged and make sure you are progressing towards your goals!

4. You Switch Workouts Too Often or Not Often Enough

When you are trying new workouts constantly, it can be a fun way to challenge yourself, but make sure you have some consistent programming. If you are just hopping from workout to workout, it will make it impossible to reap the benefits from them because they aren’t being done on a consistent basis.

On the other hand if you do the same workout too much, your body adapts and it becomes less challenging. This will halt your progress and leave you stuck at where you are. If you want to continue, you need to change up the workout and increase the intensity or volume! Progression is key.

5. You’re Not Resting Enough

It is quite easy to get caught up in the swing of things and push yourself very hard. That’s great and all, but you do not get stronger or bigger through exercise, you progress through recovery. Exercise and recovery go hand in hand but unfortunately many tend to neglect the recovery part.

Do yourself a favor and get adequate rest to fit your training regimen. Your body will thank you and you will start seeing progress again. It can be hard to take a day off but sometimes it can have you coming back better and stronger.

6.(Bonus) Stress

Just as a little bonus I’ve added this. Something that can really be inhibiting your progress is stress. Mental Stress can have adverse effects on the body, all of them negative. There are different types of stress, such as physical stress. For example, working out, this is physical stress and is very very good for your body.

Mental stress is what we’re focusing on here and it is detrimental to your gains. Stress slows exercise recovery, and with heightened stress hormones can lead to adrenal fatigue. This makes it harder for your body to repair tissues, therefore slowing your progress exponentially.

If you are stressed out on a consistent basis, try and find ways to cool off. Try meditation, even only 10 minutes a day can have amazing effects on your health and will help mitigate stress.

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