Waking up at 5AM Gives you Superpowers… No, Seriously.

It’s hard to imagine being up before the sun has risen, why would you get up that early when you could be sleeping? You may even hold a bit of resentment towards those who do brag about waking up early. What’s so special about them right? Who cares, they’re only hurting their sleep in the long run.

I used to be the exact same way, and that way… is wrong.

I decided to give it a go for myself and now that I’ve done it, one thing is for sure, I am NEVER going back! You may be wondering what made me change my mind, well… let me tell you why!


It is common knowledge that those who slack or cant control themselves often go on to lead hard and unfulfilling lives. While those who know how to control themselves, their urges, and their body often go onto get things done. Everyone who is on top of the world right now has disciplined themselves one way or another.

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Waking up at 5 is a great way to build discipline, and building discipline is a great way to build character, perseverance, happiness and most importantly a life full of victories.

Head Start on everyone!

Being someone who wakes up at 5, by the time most people are getting up which is around 6:30-8:00, I have already made my bed, taken a shower, gone for a run, meditated, and finished most of my work for the day.

Being able to get all of that stuff done so quickly and to have time in the rest of your day is the most empowering feeling. That is precious time that YOU can devote to family, hobbies, projects, sports, etc. The possibilities are limitless!


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When you are up at 5AM, it is you, and only you. Absolute silence, no kids running around, no people knocking on your door, no parents bugging you to take out the trash, no anything! Just you and your work.

While it may seem like a small change the difference that it makes is ASTRONOMICAL! Sitting in complete silence ensures that your attention is undivided and that you can focus all of your energy on one task. Therefore, you can feel accomplished and get ready to tackle the day!

Trust me, I would know, I’ve done it myself 😉

Improved Sleep and Energy

Definitely one of the biggest ones on here, it is widely known how important sleep is. We are not sure why we sleep, but we know that it is crucial to good health, brain function, longevity, etc.

Most think that waking up at 5AM will have them feeling groggy and sleep deprived all day, and yes you’re probably right BUT that’s only because most likely you also tend to stay up till 12AM browsing facebook or instagram.

Yeah… thats a big no no.

Ive found that by waking up at 5, I actually tend to go to bed earlier. I am still quite young and active so my body requires lots of sleep. Where I used to find myself going to bed around 10 or 11, I now find myself falling asleep at 8:00-8:30, and therefore when I wake in the morning I feel AMAZING.

Quick Note:

Going to bed early is NOT the only thing that is crucial to good sleep, you should always give up technology an hour or two before bed as this can leave you feeling pretty bad the next morning.

When it gets dark try to relax with some light yoga, a good book, and some journaling, this will put your body in a relaxed state and leave your feeling rejuvenated the following morning at well… 5am.

I do these routines myself and around 30 minutes before bedtime I like to spend 15 minutes reading a good book, 10 minutes stretching, and then 5 minutes journaling. Then, you guessed it… lights out.


So everyone there you have it, these are just a few of the big changes I have noticed by waking up so early, and you can experience them too! It just takes some discipline and some dedication but I can promise you that it is totally worth it!

So set your alarm and get ready for an awesome day of productivity!

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