Why You Don’t Follow Through

It’s 5 PM and you just got home from work or a school extracurricular. You have been dreading this moment the entire day. Now why would you dread coming home after a long day?

Well… today marked the start of your new fitness regimen! “Tomorrow is the day!” Said you… yesterday. You tell yourself that you’re feeling quite exhausted, and decide not to take action.

“Tomorrow is the day” you say today.

So begins a long process of hardship, frustration and ultimately no change. So why? Why is it so damn hard to stick to it? Today, I am going to tell you why you may be finding it hard to follow through, and how you can hack your brain to fix it!

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Why You Stopped Making Progress, and How to Fix It!

It’s happened to the best of us, we are making crazy progress in our journey and then it all seems to come to a grinding halt. While to some degree it is avoidable, it isn’t easy to avoid. Everyone hits a stagnant point some time during their journey, and it can be discouraging.

Thankfully with the right research and mindset, it can be quite easy to dig yourself out and get back on track! Today I am going to be giving you 5 reasons why you’ve stopped making progress in your journey and how you can fix it. Stay tuned to get back on track!

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It is common knowledge that a good warm up can boost your mood, boost your workout performance and prevent injury. But as good as warming up is for your, most people are doing it completely WRONG!

Warm-ups can vary depending on the type of workout that your about to do or which muscle groups that you are about to target. One thing is for sure, a proper warm-up ensures a great workout!

Warm ups help get blood flowing to certain muscle groups to help prime them for exercise. With this blood flow and movement it also helps to lubricate the joints, making them less stiff and more ready for heavy loads.

Sadly most people do it wrong and actually hurt their workout performance. Keep reading to find out what you’re doing wrong!

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