We all know how it goes, “I will start my diet on monday” or “for my New Years resolution, I will get a gym membership and start working out”. We’ve heard all of this before and if you’re one of the people who religiously does this and constantly sets things back, you need to stop.

Did you know that only 8% of people actually follow through with their “get fit for new years” resolution? If that is not already scary, 75% of people fail within the first week!

Getting healthy is important and you aren’t going to do it by putting it off, read more to find out why you need to STOP waiting to get healthy.

YOUR Health is Priority #1

As easy as it is to say no right now, the only thing that you’re doing right now is putting off the inevitable. You do not want to be in a situation where the habits you’ve adopted now finally catch up to you in the form of illness and poor health. Even then you’ll be forced to get healthy but you’ll be at the mercy of a doctor’s orders, potentially life-long medication, and a lower quality of life.

Let me tell you something, it all goes downhill from there. If you are scared then good, there is no sugarcoating it because these are lifelong consequences that we’re talking about. Don’t be the one to just shrug it off, as cliche as it sounds, tiny problems can have HUGE consequences.

It is all about preventative maintenance. While you may not be having problems now with your health, you will. Once the first problem begins, another pops up, and then another, and with age, it just gets worse and worse.

So respect your body, and take care of yourself. It is much more important than it may seem, you deserve a good and long lasting life, don’t ruin it for short term self-indulgence.

Face Facts, Your Deadlines Will NEVER Work

While it may sound harsh, let’s be honest, how many times has “waiting till monday” worked for you before? If your this far into the article then chances are that it hasn’t worked at all yet. When you set deadlines like this you are putting off a change that you know needs to be made, but you don’t want to accept it.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned the fact that only 8% of people actually succeed with their New Year’s “Resolutions”. If you should take anything away from this, it’s the fact that DEADLINES DO NOT WORK!

When you set deadlines you just make excuses for yourself to over indulge before your new “fitness regimen”. You make excuses like “Well since I am starting my diet on monday, I might as well have as much cake as I can now”. Then you workout for 1 day and decide it’s not for you.

Your health then takes the massive hit because you overate, overslept, etc. because you were going to start working out, but you didn’t.

Waiting Doesn’t Actually Make Any Changes

Surely you’ve felt it before. When you say that you are going to start a new diet that monday and this wave of instant gratification and satisfaction roles over you and it just feels so good! You are so eager to start and you feel productive and accomplished.

The thing is, you haven’t even done anything yet. Regardless of how good you feel about deciding to make a change, that doesn’t actually change anything. You can’t decide to do, you have to do. In the words of Bruce Lee “Willing is not enough, we must do”.

Credit: Goalscast

So stop waiting to make changes. If you want to make a change, you actually have to implement it and prevent the ego from taking control in that decision.

That Said: There is NO Better Time Than NOW

Finishing off this article with our previous points in mind. It leads us to this conclusion, regardless of your goals or aspirations, there really is no better time than now. Even if your goal is not fitness related, nothing changes or gets better by putting something off.

Procrastination is a killer of dreams and the consequences can be more dire than you may think. Overall, it is important that when you set your mind to something, you give it your all and fully apply yourself. Stop waiting to start, if you truly want it then you need to start today!

My Note To YOU

If you are still with me, then thank you I appreciate it. If you’ve truly read into the article this far, then I can tell you’re pretty serious about this. I was quite harsh in this article and maybe a bit too harsh, but change doesn’t happen without a good push. If you’ve sucked it up and accepted the consequences of your bad habits, then chances are you’re ready to make a change.

All I can say is that I wish you the best of luck on your ventures. Start today and stay consistent, it’s grind time.

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