Running Benefits that Will Leave You Speechless!

Running Benefits that Will Leave You Speechless!

We all know that running is good for us, but just how good is it? Running tends to be a form of exercise that we all groan at when mentioned. Unfortunately, as terrible as it feels in the moment, running has some very underrated and life changing benefits!

Today I am going to be covering 5 of the most amazing benefits of running that make the pain worth it!

1. Bone Strengthening and Formation

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As we get older, our bones and joints tend to be the first things to deteriorate. For many of us this can lead to things like arthritis or osteoporosis. This is where running comes in…

When we run, repetitive stress is placed on our bones through loading. Now while this may sound bad, it is extremely good and through proper rest and recovery the bones come out stronger and more adapted.

This can help to prevent age related bone loss and osteoporosis. BUT do keep in mind that if you already are experiencing these things, it is best to check with your doctor before starting any regimen.

2. Cardiovascular Health

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We are all told that exercise is good for our heart but many of us dismiss it. This is a huge mistake on our part as we are missing some AMAZING benefits of a heightened heart rate.

When you run, your heart has to work harder and faster to keep you moving at a fast pace. To maintain high intensity the heart muscles have to do a lot more work in a shorter amount of time, over time this leads to stronger cardiac muscles. This will lead to less strain both when your resting and active.

Not to mention that running and other intense exercise can lead to decreased risk for high blood pressure and can increase circulation.

3. Energy and Metabolism

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Credit: Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

If you find that you are constantly tired or groggy, then running might just be the fix you need! It is quite common to feel a lot more energized after a run, but really you need to be looking at this in the long term.

Benefits include better circulation and lung capacity with consistent training! Over time both high intensity and low intensity can have significant effects on mood and fat loss!

4. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

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If you’re someone who constantly struggles with blood sugar problems, the fix is right in front of your face. While blood sugar problems can and usually do have more complicated causes, running can always be a great way to mitigate it!

Your body requires lots of energy when you run and the muscles need lots of fuel for support. The fuel that your body decides to use is your blood sugar (glucose). The best part about this is the fact that it works immediately!

Overtime this can help keep diseases like diabetes in check and can increase your insulin sensitivity. So if you haven’t tried running yet, then definitely give it a go!

5. Fat Loss

Let’s be honest, we all knew this one was coming. The best part though is that it’s true! While it can depend on factors like your diet, gender, genetics, etc. It’s no secret that running can definitely help you lose fat!

While some types of cardio like HIIT or LISS might be better for fat loss specifically, if you’re someone who prefers a long jog, then more power to you!


Running tends to be so underrated, even by those who are more experienced. But today we’ve learned that it can be the perfect supplement or full on training program to help you reach your goals. It has so many amazing benefits that are just waiting to be taken advantage of!

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