Defying Gravity: Coolest Moves You’ve NEVER Seen

When it comes to Fitness, a shredded physique and heavy lifting seem to be the extent of most capabilities. While those things are cool, there has to be some different ways to display strength right? Some different ways that people are using their bodies?

You’ve seen all of the acrobats and contortionists moving their legs over their head and walking around like a scorpion on America’s Got Talent while you eat your 6 PM breakfast for dinner. Those moves are impossible right? Those people are superhuman, you could never achieve something like that, Right?

Well, yeah probably… but that’s because you spend all your time color sorting M&M’s and reading terrible blogs about these moves, rather than training.

However, through training there is some REALLY amazing stuff you can do with your body, and yes YOU! Here are 5 of my favorites! 😉

1. The Straddle Planche

Credit: Daniel Vadnal

One of the most elusive moves among the Calisthenics community, the Straddle Planche. Now this may look like something out of a movie, but it is indeed very possible even for you! It takes a few years of hard work and training if you do it the right way, but it is definitely achievable!

What does the Straddle Planche Require?

  1. Incredible Balance
  2. Wrist Flexibility
  3. Immense Shoulder Strength and Stability
  4. Scapular Strength
  5. Insane core strength
  6. A butt load of hard work

2. The Human Flag

Credit; Chris Heria,

This move isn’t as hard or complicated as the Planche and Straddle Planche, however, that does not take away from it’s difficulty. This move is by far more popular and well known than the Straddle Planche and is on of those cool Street or Party tricks you may see in a big city, granted it is not common as the people who can successfully pull it off are few and far between.

The Requirements for the human flag are basically the same as the Straddle Planche, and it will be that way for basically all the moves on my list today, but it is definitely achievable through some hard work and discipline.

3. One Arm Pull Up

Credit: Austin Dunham,

This exercise doesn’t require as much shoulder strength as it does Bicep, Lat, and Scapular strength. It is one of those exercises that looks really easy but once you actually get up on the bar, it becomes apparent that you “Suddenly” have an appointment to get to.

This one is definitely one of the cooler ones as it represents absolute control and raw strength, and while it may be difficult it is definitely possible as there are a great number of people out there who are working towards it! It is definitely possible for you!

4. The Front Lever


Compared to some of the moves we’ve covered so far, this one is just a bit easier. While still difficult to obtain, the front lever can be achieved pretty quickly if your training is optimal. Still though, this move requires lots of core strength, shoulder stability, and Scapular strength as well.

The move having plenty of progressions is pretty straight forward and once you achieve it, you’ll finally be able to brag to all of your friends, because let’s be honest it looks pretty cool right?

5. Freestanding Handstand Push-up


Probably my favorite of all of the moves besides the Straddle Planche, is the Freestanding Handstand Push-up. The amount of strength, balance, and control it takes is insane and has always been on the top of my list.

The insane thing, is the fact that with a little bit of dedication and some consistent training, the move is entirely possible, and depending on your physique, it is achievable pretty dang fast!

This move requires lots of stability in the wrist and shoulder joints, wrist flexibility, tricep, shoulder, core, and chest strength. It requires all the muscles in your body to go through one fluid motion which is why I find it so amazing.

Final Note

All of these moves are truly amazing and seem like some work of fiction, the way the body can move and the strength it possesses is truly amazing. The best part is the fact that this strength is unlockable for everyone, it requires work, but it is entirely possible, now matter who you are!

I hope you have found some of these moves quite interesting and there are a whole slew of others much harder to achieve but all the more amazing. Now before I hold you any longer, get out there and train!

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