Running Benefits that Will Leave You Speechless!

Running Benefits that Will Leave You Speechless!

We all know that running is good for us, but just how good is it? Running tends to be a form of exercise that we all groan at when mentioned. Unfortunately, as terrible as it feels in the moment, running has some very underrated and life changing benefits!

Today I am going to be covering 5 of the most amazing benefits of running that make the pain worth it!

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Recipes For Thanksgiving That Will BLOW YOU AWAY!

10 Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes!

It’s official, Thanksgiving is officially right around the corner and we’re all scrambling for something to bring. Some Recipes can be hard to make but don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with a bit of an added bonus, not only are these treats delicious, but they’ll keep those jeans happy too!

Without further ado, today I am going to give you 10 Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes!

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Fitness Apps You NEED To Be Using! (FREE)

phone applications on screen

It’s no secret that fitness apps can be an amazing way to supplement your training! Unfortunately, many of the fitness apps that are out there are buggy, bulky, or just plain cash grabs. Knowing this, it’s hard to find apps out there that are actually worth your time.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of some of my personal favorites that you should definitely be using. These apps will cover diet, exercise, and everything in between. Best of all, they are free! (Some do have premium versions but the free versions are more than enough!)

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Why You Don’t Follow Through

It’s 5 PM and you just got home from work or a school extracurricular. You have been dreading this moment the entire day. Now why would you dread coming home after a long day?

Well… today marked the start of your new fitness regimen! “Tomorrow is the day!” Said you… yesterday. You tell yourself that you’re feeling quite exhausted, and decide not to take action.

“Tomorrow is the day” you say today.

So begins a long process of hardship, frustration and ultimately no change. So why? Why is it so damn hard to stick to it? Today, I am going to tell you why you may be finding it hard to follow through, and how you can hack your brain to fix it!

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Why You Stopped Making Progress, and How to Fix It!

It’s happened to the best of us, we are making crazy progress in our journey and then it all seems to come to a grinding halt. While to some degree it is avoidable, it isn’t easy to avoid. Everyone hits a stagnant point some time during their journey, and it can be discouraging.

Thankfully with the right research and mindset, it can be quite easy to dig yourself out and get back on track! Today I am going to be giving you 5 reasons why you’ve stopped making progress in your journey and how you can fix it. Stay tuned to get back on track!

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It is common knowledge that a good warm up can boost your mood, boost your workout performance and prevent injury. But as good as warming up is for your, most people are doing it completely WRONG!

Warm-ups can vary depending on the type of workout that your about to do or which muscle groups that you are about to target. One thing is for sure, a proper warm-up ensures a great workout!

Warm ups help get blood flowing to certain muscle groups to help prime them for exercise. With this blood flow and movement it also helps to lubricate the joints, making them less stiff and more ready for heavy loads.

Sadly most people do it wrong and actually hurt their workout performance. Keep reading to find out what you’re doing wrong!

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We all know how it goes, “I will start my diet on monday” or “for my New Years resolution, I will get a gym membership and start working out”. We’ve heard all of this before and if you’re one of the people who religiously does this and constantly sets things back, you need to stop.

Did you know that only 8% of people actually follow through with their “get fit for new years” resolution? If that is not already scary, 75% of people fail within the first week!

Getting healthy is important and you aren’t going to do it by putting it off, read more to find out why you need to STOP waiting to get healthy.


The 5 Minute BODYWEIGHT Chest Workout From HELL.

When it comes to bodyweight exercise, it is usually disregarded under the myth that “You cannot build muscle with bodyweight exercise”. I am here today to tell you that is absolutely NOT true. Bodyweight exercises, especially for beginners, can be absolutely phenomenal for building and toning muscle!

Today I have a 5 minute chest workout that will really test your limits! I myself cannot even get halfway through without having to do the push-ups on my knees. Now I do recommend that you are at least at an intermediate stage before starting this workout, as there are some push-up variations that most beginners probably won’t be able to do!

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8 Exercises YOU Can Do Right At Your Desk-Get Fit At Work!

Chances are, you’re sitting down right now while you’re reading this. Am I wrong? If I am wrong then good on you! But if I am right, which I most likely am, you need to stand up! In this article I will address some exercises that you can do right at your desk, any trust me… you’re going to want them!

If you are like everyone else, chances are that you sit a lot! Whether it is at school, at home, or at work, you’re probably spending most of your day sat in a chair or at a desk. Not to worry you, but unfortunately all of that sitting just might kill you. But don’t worry there is something you can do about it, keep reading!

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