The 5 Minute BODYWEIGHT Chest Workout From HELL.

When it comes to bodyweight exercise, it is usually disregarded under the myth that “You cannot build muscle with bodyweight exercise”. I am here today to tell you that is absolutely NOT true. Bodyweight exercises, especially for beginners, can be absolutely phenomenal for building and toning muscle!

Today I have a 5 minute chest workout that will really test your limits! I myself cannot even get halfway through without having to do the push-ups on my knees. Now I do recommend that you are at least at an intermediate stage before starting this workout, as there are some push-up variations that most beginners probably won’t be able to do!

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8 Exercises YOU Can Do Right At Your Desk-Get Fit At Work!

Chances are, you’re sitting down right now while you’re reading this. Am I wrong? If I am wrong then good on you! But if I am right, which I most likely am, you need to stand up! In this article I will address some exercises that you can do right at your desk, any trust me… you’re going to want them!

If you are like everyone else, chances are that you sit a lot! Whether it is at school, at home, or at work, you’re probably spending most of your day sat in a chair or at a desk. Not to worry you, but unfortunately all of that sitting just might kill you. But don’t worry there is something you can do about it, keep reading!

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How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

With Winter nearing, it’s becoming more apparent than ever how close the Holidays really are. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year, right around the corner, it isn’t looking too good for our waistlines. But hey, Grandma’s cooking IS the best right?

As tempting as it may be to steal a snickers bar from your kids candy bag, don’t give up just yet because there are MANY ways to stay Healthy and enjoy your Grandma’s famous casserole! (Okay, maybe skip on that one).

Here on we will discuss how you can hack your Holiday and keep it waistline friendly! 🙂

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Waking up at 5AM Gives you Superpowers… No, Seriously.

It’s hard to imagine being up before the sun has risen, why would you get up that early when you could be sleeping? You may even hold a bit of resentment towards those who do brag about waking up early. What’s so special about them right? Who cares, they’re only hurting their sleep in the long run.

I used to be the exact same way, and that way… is wrong.

I decided to give it a go for myself and now that I’ve done it, one thing is for sure, I am NEVER going back! You may be wondering what made me change my mind, well… let me tell you why!

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5 Foods YOU Think Are Healthy But Actually Aren’t!

Health is a bit of a tricky mistress, and when it comes to eating healthy, there are different things that work for some people but dont work for others. However, what we can all agree on are the things that are unhealthy right?


There seems to be quite some confusion about what is and isn’t healthy, especially among those who are first beginning their journeys to a healthy lifestyle.

So to help get you on the right track, here are 5 foods that YOU think are healthy but really aren’t!

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Defying Gravity: Coolest Moves You’ve NEVER Seen

When it comes to Fitness, a shredded physique and heavy lifting seem to be the extent of most capabilities. While those things are cool, there has to be some different ways to display strength right? Some different ways that people are using their bodies?

You’ve seen all of the acrobats and contortionists moving their legs over their head and walking around like a scorpion on America’s Got Talent while you eat your 6 PM breakfast for dinner. Those moves are impossible right? Those people are superhuman, you could never achieve something like that, Right?

Well, yeah probably… but that’s because you spend all your time color sorting M&M’s and reading terrible blogs about these moves, rather than training.

However, through training there is some REALLY amazing stuff you can do with your body, and yes YOU! Here are 5 of my favorites! 😉

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5 Ways to END Your Gym Anxiety Once and For All

You have finally decided to do it! You have the dedication, you have the drive, and you finally want to get out there and improve yourself! You put on your gym sneakers and head to your local gym to get in a good sweat. But it is when you take that first step in that everything seems to go wrong, Tons of ripped guys in the corner dead lifting what seems like 10 tons, and the lady on the treadmill going at a full 20 sprint and incline while screaming.

That is when you decide it might be best to leave and maybe come back another time, but that time never comes, and when it does, you experience the same feelings of inadequacy and shame when going to the gym. The piercing sting of looks from all over the gym, you can feel their eyes every time you go, the judgement, etc. But the thing is that is all in your head, no one looks at you, let alone cares, unless your doing something dangerous. So how can you end this feeling of anxiety once and for all?

Take a look for 5 ways to END Your Gym Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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What I’ve Learned from 1 Year of Calisthenics

Calisthenics, Gymnastics, along with other Body weight programs generally get a bad wrap for being insufficient when it comes to strength and quality of exercise. This is widely believed among the fitness community even among some fitness veterans. I used to believe it myself! However, through the last year I have learned some very interesting things regarding body weight exercise. I think you will find them quite helpful.

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Fasting vs Eating Less: What’s the Difference?

While Fasting and Calorie Restriction may sound like the same thing, they are actually two different Behemoths. Most do not know which to go with and which is right for them. While I am a bit biased toward Fasting, there is scientific reasoning to back up my claim. Today we will go over the science of Fasting and High-Calorie Restriction and why you may want to try fasting for once.

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6 BEST Bodyweight Exercises for Building Muscle

If you have just started working out, you may have heard that you need to lift weights because you can’t build muscle with bodyweight exercise. Well, this is actually FALSE! A common misconception is that bodyweight exercise does not stress the body enough to stimulate the body enough to promote muscle growth. However, this is actually very far from the truth, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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