8 Exercises YOU Can Do Right At Your Desk-Get Fit At Work!

Chances are, you’re sitting down right now while you’re reading this. Am I wrong? If I am wrong then good on you! But if I am right, which I most likely am, you need to stand up! In this article I will address some exercises that you can do right at your desk, any trust me… you’re going to want them!

If you are like everyone else, chances are that you sit a lot! Whether it is at school, at home, or at work, you’re probably spending most of your day sat in a chair or at a desk. Not to worry you, but unfortunately all of that sitting just might kill you. But don’t worry there is something you can do about it, keep reading!

Why Do I Need These Exercises?

Now surely I am way over exaggerating, sitting can’t be too bad right? Well, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 3.2 million deaths can be attributed to sedentary lifestyles and lack of physical activity. Sedentary lifestyles like the ones that most of us live can lead to increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, loss of muscle, and loss of bone strength(1).

Want to know the scary part?

Most of those who even exercise regularly are still not getting enough movement in their daily lives to negate or counteract these effects. Most of us at desk jobs or school tend to spend an average 9.5 hours a day sitting down. Add that with at least 7.5 hours of sleep and that is 17 hours of your day sitting down! Not including things like commuting, sitting on the couch, etc. So basically you spend almost your entire day sitting.

Now for the Good news.

With a little bit of extra movement throughout the day around every 30 minutes or so, it can lead to drastic changes, and can even lead to healthy weight loss. So without further ado here are 8 exercises YOU can do right there at your desk!

1. Push-ups

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

I KNOW I KNOW, who in their right mind would get on the floor in front of all of their co workers and start doing push-ups? The Answer? You would! You have to remember the fact that this is for you, you are potentially saving your life and negating long term of pain. Your co workers may think you’re weird but they’re the ones who will regret it! so drop and give me 10!

2. Squats

Now this one is pretty self explanatory and obvious but it is SO good for you! When we are sitting all day our glutes lose a lot of strength because they do not have to work at all. Squats will help activate your glutes preventing you from going well… flat. Also sitting decreases blood flow to the legs and squatting can help increase that blood flow and improve your circulation!

3. Jumping Jacks

This one is absolutely AMAZING for getting blood flow at your desk. Even for just 30s it can get your heart going and help promote weight loss. The Jumping Jack is such an underrated exercise and because of that people neglect it. DON’T make that mistake!

4. Calf Raises

This exercise is phenomenal for building and toning the muscle in the calf. It can help strengthen your leg muscles and improve your circulation. To do this exercise stand behind your chair or hold onto a wall for support. Next, push up with your toes so that your heels are off the floor(go tippy toe) and squeeze your calves as hard as possible. Slowly lower down and then do another rep!

5. Tricep Dips

This exercise is really good for the upper body and it is amazing for toning or building muscle in your arms. Use a chair, desk, or bench and take the position shown in the photo above. Then slowly lower with your arms bending and push back up. It feels like a pushup with your hands behind your back. BUT make sure your legs are STRAIGHT!

6. Wall Sits

This one is an awesome isometric moves and is one of my favorites! To perform this exercise, stand with your back against the wall and slowly lower until you are in a seating position like in the photo above. Hold for 10 seconds – 1 minute depending on your fitness level.

7. Glute Squeeze

This one is one you can keep under wraps, you can do this exercise without inquiry from your co workers because they won’t see it! This is another isometric exercise and is for your glutes. To perform simple squeeze your glutes as hard as you possibly can for 10-15 seconds!

8. Jog in Place

While it seems pretty stupid, jogging in place can be a great way to get your heart rate up and get some blood flow going after a long period of sitting. This exercise is pretty self explanatory but don’t let that fool you! It is absolutely amazing for your health in the office!


I know it is quite tempting to hop in the elevator with your other co workers but don’t! Taking even just one flight of stairs every so often can help improve your cardiovascular health and your leg muscles! All the more bonus if there are multiple flights!


Before you read this article, you were condemned, destined to be one of great pain! But now you’ve been shows the wise ways of deskercise! Use all of the exercises in here, or create your own little workout to do in the office. It’s important to takeaway from this that sitting really can kill you, along with a whole other slew of terrible things. Every 30 minutes just do some exercise, it won’t kill you, sitting will.

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