5 Ways to END Your Gym Anxiety Once and For All

You have finally decided to do it! You have the dedication, you have the drive, and you finally want to get out there and improve yourself! You put on your gym sneakers and head to your local gym to get in a good sweat. But it is when you take that first step in that everything seems to go wrong, Tons of ripped guys in the corner dead lifting what seems like 10 tons, and the lady on the treadmill going at a full 20 sprint and incline while screaming.

That is when you decide it might be best to leave and maybe come back another time, but that time never comes, and when it does, you experience the same feelings of inadequacy and shame when going to the gym. The piercing sting of looks from all over the gym, you can feel their eyes every time you go, the judgement, etc. But the thing is that is all in your head, no one looks at you, let alone cares, unless your doing something dangerous. So how can you end this feeling of anxiety once and for all?

Take a look for 5 ways to END Your Gym Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL!

1. You Dont Need to be Fit to Workout

This is the reason you are going to the gym! You may be afraid of looking out of shape, but isnt that the reason that you go? TO get in shape?

Skipping the workout will only make it worse not only for your waistline but also for your anxiety!

Never skip a workout because you feel bad about yourself, while it is easier said than done, you should try to spend at least 30 mins-1 hour in the gym, even if you dont know what your doing, it can be good for you to soak in the environment so that you feel comfortable going!

Everyone feels nervous when trying something new, especially when they feel inadequate, but the best way to beat that is to build familiarity in the environment and you can only do that by actually going to the gym.


A lot of people feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the fact that they may not know how to use the equipment, so you may spend 20 minuets walking on the treadmill even though you went there to lift weights.

The Key is to ask for help! Especially from staff, no one will be afraid to help you and if they are then that is not the right gym for you! It is important to ask for help as that also builds a connection with the staff or other fellow gym goers, and you can get in a better workout, now that you know what your doing!

If you want to take it one step further you can sign up for personal training at the gym you are attending and through that you will learn excellent things about form and how to use different types of equipment to fit your needs.

3. No One is Paying Attention to You

When you first start working out it can feel like every eye in the room is on your back. But, that is not the case at all, you’re there to get a good sweat in and so is everyone else!

No one is paying attention let alone cares about what your doing at the gym, they all have their own things to focus on, like flexing their guns in the mirror, no one is going to see you picking your nose in the corner when they are so focused on themselves. If anyone is looking at you it is for 1 of 3 reasons.

  • You’re Attractive
  • They are jealous of what you are doing
  • OR You are doing something potentially dangerous

Other than that there is nothing to worry about, go be yourself and work on that gold mining business in between sets!

Credit: Image by Łukasz Dyłka from Pixabay

4. Find a Friend!

Nothing is as scary when you have a friend there with you sharing the same feelings. It can be extremely liberating when you have a friend there to workout with you, especially if they know their way around a gym.

They can show you how to use certain machines or proper form for different exercises, the first couple of times at my first gym I went with a friend and after the second time I was completely comfortable with going alone.

Going with a friend is a great way to test the environment and also put together a routine so that when you go alone, you’re not just standing in the corner scratching your head.

5. Have a Fire Playlist

Nothing is better than doing push-ups to your Eye of the Tiger and Rocky playlist. Finding great music and music that motivates you is a great way to get you pumped up enough to get through your anxiety and into your workout.

When you’re also wearing earbuds, it cuts out all of the other noise leaving you with yourself and less concerned with others, listening to music creates your own little world so that you can get a good workout in without worrying about what others are thinking!


I hope these tips have been enough to free you from that hopelessness you feel every time you enter the gym. Just remember that you are there to get fit and confident and so is everyone else! You got this!

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