5 Ways to END Your Gym Anxiety Once and For All

You have finally decided to do it! You have the dedication, you have the drive, and you finally want to get out there and improve yourself! You put on your gym sneakers and head to your local gym to get in a good sweat. But it is when you take that first step in that everything seems to go wrong, Tons of ripped guys in the corner dead lifting what seems like 10 tons, and the lady on the treadmill going at a full 20 sprint and incline while screaming.

That is when you decide it might be best to leave and maybe come back another time, but that time never comes, and when it does, you experience the same feelings of inadequacy and shame when going to the gym. The piercing sting of looks from all over the gym, you can feel their eyes every time you go, the judgement, etc. But the thing is that is all in your head, no one looks at you, let alone cares, unless your doing something dangerous. So how can you end this feeling of anxiety once and for all?

Take a look for 5 ways to END Your Gym Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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