3 Most Common Beginner Fitness Mistakes

Many people all over the world are setting fitness goals right now and while some may achieve their desired results, the truth is that most won’t even get close. So what is it? You may be asking yourself…

  • Do I lack Willpower?
  • Is it my body?
  • Is this really attainable for me?
  • What am I doing Wrong?

Well, the truth is it very well could be your willpower! But that is not what the focus of this article is. When starting a new regimen many people make the same mistakes that keep them from obtaining their fitness goals, and of course cheat meals don’t help 😉

Those are not the mistakes we will be covering though, while cheating on a diet, and not exercising are obvious mistakes, we are going to cover some things that fly under the radar and that most don’t even realize.

Not Getting enough Sleep

While leveling up your mage, or catching up on the newest episode of your favorite TV series at 2 in the morning may sound like a good idea, it is actually extremely detrimental to your growth as a gym goer. Seriously, it is almost impossible to stress enough the importance of sleep! If you are an adult, you can get away with going to bed at around 11 P.M. or Midnight. However, you must go to sleep at the same time every night, it is extremely important that your body understands and maintains a schedule if you want good results in the gym.

If you are an adolescent/teen(13-17), you should be going to bed at 9:30 the latest! It may be tempting to snapchat your friends a picture of your cat, it is ruining your progress. The biggest dose of key growth hormones, also known as the “Youth Hormone” is released from 10 P.M.-2 A.M. and is part of the reasons among others that teens can make such substantial progress in a short amount of time. However, they are only released when the body is asleep. It is recommended that you have a consistent bedtime schedule if you want consistent gains.

Taking Too Many Supplements

When most people want to get fit, they go to the nearest Walmart and stock up on more Whey Protein than they’d need in 10 years and grab a ton of random pre workout supplements. Now while these are definitely important and can assist in your fitness goals, it is important to start simple. If you are a beginner you will make substantial growth without the use of such supplements, also known as “Newbie Gains”. Therefore making it a little pointless to go all out so early in the game.

Most pre-workout supplements are also filled with things you may not want in your body either if you are going for overall health. Most Pre-workout supplements contain high levels of Caffeine and lots of chemicals like Taurine, while many say that the effects of these substances are nonexistent, it is still being debated and it is best to just stay away in the beginning.

If you absolutely need a supplement, I would recommend Creatine. It is an amino acid that will aid in muscle recovery and get you back in the gym faster. I would recommend Six Star Elite Series 100% Creatine

Crash Dieting

This one is a little less common but still widely seen among those who are trying to get fit. Many people instantly stop eating completely or drop their caloric intake to extremely low amounts, this could be a sign of or lead to an eating disorder and is a HUGE DON’T.

Not only can this lead to eating disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia, but it can damage your body for life. Crash Dieting can have devastating effects on your metabolism and actually make it harder for you to lose weight and even actually make you put on more fat as your body struggles to keep you alive.

However, do not get this confused with Fasting, fasting is for a short period of time usually and when monitored can actually be extremely beneficial and healthy for your Heart, Immune System, and other bodily functions.

Generally when it comes to dieting the best thing to do is to find something that works for you, most people go head on into it and get overwhelmed so just start simple by taking some bad things out of your diet, such as soda, or potato chips, and just stick with that and improve as you go!

I hope that these tips have helped you all to find some mental clarity and hopefully fix some mistakes that you may have been making!

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